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Script to Screen

Have you written a film script and are unsure of what to do next?

As a script writer, your time is spent writing and creating the best possible story for your identified audience. Once you have completed and edited your script, the next important task is to get it into the hands of someone who can professionally assess its merits, but who can do this for you and where do you find them? An Agent a Director or a Film Producer?

Are you wondering how to get your script to the right people?

When trying to gain traction for your script, there is a right way and a wrong way. Asking for feedback from family and friends is one way, but their message will be slightly skewed because they will be biased in you favour. You can post it on your social media platforms but again of course, your friends will rave about it. Let’s look at the tried and tested pathways. But before we do that, let’s look over your checklist to make sure your script is complete and as professionally presented as possible.

Have you completed your checklist?

1. Is your script laid out in accordance with the current industry standards?

2. Have you used any of the following?

· Final Draft

· Studio Binder

· Celtx

· Writer Duet

· Highland or

· Fade In?

3. Is your grammar, punctuation and spelling correct? Make sure you have spell check and grammar options switched on when typing!

4. Have you written a synopsis for your story? A quick 2 - 5 line synopsis and three page explanation of your story will suffice.

5. Do you know your genre and target audience? This would be included in your synopsis.

6. Do you know your film classification, again to include in your synopsis? E.g.

· (G) General viewer.

· (PG)Parental Guidance,

· (M) Mature Viewers,

· (MA15+) Mature Accompanied.

· (R18+) Restricted viewer.

7. Do you know where you want to showcase your completed film, for example TV, Cinema, Online streaming or other medium?

When it comes to promoting your script there are plenty of companies that you can send it to. Of course, not all scripts are accepted or good enough. Look at the thousands floating around the internet hoping to be plucked from obscurity!

If you know a producer or director you might get them to look at it, but it will be among hundreds of others that they get solicited for weekly and you may not even receive feedback from them.

Don't be disheartened by this, it should push you even harder to get your work out there and scrutinised. After all, you have put years into writing, shaping and getting your creation this far!

When a writer has passion invested in their script, they won’t let anything stand in the way of releasing their creation to the world. Although keep in mind, that not all scripts, no matter how well written, turn out to be gold, or even see the light of day.

So how passionate are you about your Script?

Are you the next J.K. Rowling, Steven King or Agatha Christie?

ONWARD AND UPWARDS (quote by C.S. Lewis)

Don’t delay a moment longer!

Take the next step and speak to one of our Professional Media Consultants today. They will help you get your script, your passion, from paper to the screen!

Contact Redlight Film WA today for your free one hr consultation.

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